Frozen Inspired Storage Boxes with an Arendelle Crest

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Have you ever had an organization system that simply was not working? My oldest daughter has all these little toys and doodad accessories for the little toys--think legos, littlest pet shop animals, mini princess dolls, tiny dolls with microscopic get the idea. We had these little suitcases that were originally for samples. I thought that we really needed a container that could be closed up and moved easily. It turns out that since it wasn't easy for Lil Bit to close the clasp, the cases never got closed at all, and it was difficult for her to move them anyway. And when the cases were packed up (usually by me!), then they had no place to be, other than on an old footlocker in her room.

So in the midst of trying to make our lives function  a little better and allow our house to breathe by removing clutter, we moved the foot locker out and placed a small bookshelf in Lil Bit's room. She is rocking the early reader phase and has many books that are hers—ones that are too advanced for her sister. So we moved those books into her room, but we still needed some storage for the little toys.

And suddenly, I had an epiphany...why not use more of the wall covering boxes—like the one I used as a decorative box in my living room? These boxes fit nicely into the bookcase, are large enough to hold Lil Bit's entire Littlest Pet Shop collection (no easy feat), and with chalky finish paint, I can easily change them from dark brown to a color that better suits my little girl. I'm so glad that I'm rescuing these guys from the trash!

So we selected  a soft pink to paint a couple of boxes, but not being able to leave anything plain, I asked Lil Bit what she wanted on her boxes. Anna and Elsa was the response. However, as you probably noticed, there are already (huge!) Tinkerbells all over her room. I did not want her room to be a complete Disney explosion, so I asked her if she wanted something from Anna and Elsa's world, but that didn't scream ANNA AND ELSA to everyone who enters the room.

This mama did a quick google search and discovered that the symbol of Arendelle is the crocus. It's in both princesses' coronation ball gown dresses. I then did a quick search for "Arendelle crest" and found a very simple snowflake shape overlaid with the crocus. Score!! All I did then was import the image into the Silhouette Design Software and use the trace function to create a cut file. 

I cut the snowflake out of lavender vinyl and the crocus out of silvery blue (yes, I know it makes more sense to make the snowflake blue and the crocus lavender, but I prefer more purple in Lil Bit's room).

I applied the vinyl to the boxes and then gave the whole thing a coat of wax. I have done similar projects before and I always place the wax on top of the vinyl—I'm afraid that the vinyl won't stick to the wax.

And the best news is...the organization seems to be working!! Lil Bit knows where things go, and she can pick them up and put them away in about 30 seconds flat!

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