Seashell Sketching and Grace

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Over Easter, my family and I took a little long weekend trip to Hilton Head Island. Sadly, the weather didn't really believe that it was truly time for spring. I knew this going in, so I didn't bother packing swimsuits for anyone. My girls were disappointed...the three year olds started plotting to be "nakee" and jump into the pool, and just forget that Mommy hadn't packed the swimsuits. Yup. I'm raising some little problem solvers over here. Luckily for me and anyone else that might want to use the pool, it quickly turned windy and rainy, and all preschool skinny dipping plotting ceased.

We went to a few thrift stores, but for the most part we just took it easy and hung out for a couple of days. One afternoon, the twins were taking a nap and Lil Bit and I started drawing. At first, she wanted to "help" me with my drawing. I'm all about crafting together with my girls, but when I'm sketching, I want to do my own work—I get to do it so rarely. Besides, I had only brought my mini sketchbook, so it wasn't like we could actually work on the same drawing at the same would have been more of a game of twister than a sketch session. 

So I tore a page out of my sketchbook and we both went to town sketching sea shells. In talking to her, I realized that I've been taught to look at things just a little differently. To her 6-year-old eye, the seashell was brown, while I saw shades of gray, rose, orange and blue mixed into the brown shell.

Those shells we sketched weren't glamorous—Hilton Head rarely gets large shells washed up on shore. But when we take the time to look, beauty reveals itself.

It's a lot like life, I think. Most of us have simple lives that we think are boring and brown. But when we take the time to really look and enjoy, we can see the colors—all the beauty and grace around us. Take the time to truly see.

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