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My twin girls have chosen to have a princes party. Specifically, Sweet Pea wants a Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) party, and Princess Pea wants a Cinderella party. So to decorate for their party, I made some paper medallions--with paper flowers!!

This is a great, frugal way to create a princess theme. Those store purchased decorations are crazy expensive, but paper, well it's cheap! I've avoided jumping on the paper medallion craze because I know from elementary school days that I simply can't fold an even accordion fold. But then I realized that my Silhouette Portrait could cut the pieces and perforate the crease marks, making even this accordion folding simpleton able to make awesome medallions. I found great assembly instructions for the paper medallions (hand made or Silhouette made) at Jones Design Company, but here's I made my medallions with my Silhouette and made them all princessy:

I took 12" x 12" scrapbooking paper and cut it in half. Then, I set up my silhouette to cut each 6"x12" piece into 3" strips. In that same Silhouette file, I used the dashed line style to make the perforations. Just use the grid to lay out the dashed lines every half inch.

After you let your Silhouette work its magic each piece will look like this:

For a medallion, you'll need a full 12" x 12" sheet--4 pieces. So all you need to do is fold each piece in an accordion fold. I made 2 that started with a "mountain," and 2 that started with a "valley" so that they could fit together in the next step.

Then I hot glued each strip to the next, so I ended up with an accordion circle.

Then, you push down the top to the center. Put hot glue in the center until it holds in a medallion form. Of course, that means that you have a hole in the middle with hot glue in it...not very attractive, I admit!

But I had a plan: Target clearance puffy stickers!! $.75 ?  Perfect!!

I also took some rolled flowers from the Silhouette online store. My favorites were the gardenia, the marigold, and the spiral star flower. I made some with yellow and cream paper.

I hot glued a flower over the hole and added some more flowers and princess stickers.

I haven't decided how I'll arrange all these medallions, but I kind of like them in a layered cluster, don't you?

Needless to say, the twins are super excited about their princess decor.

This mama is pretty excited that I had all the supplies on hand except the princess stickers! Party decorating on a budget!

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