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There are two types of creating with kids...where they are actively creating, and one where they are in the vicinity, watching you craft. You may be creating something for them...or you may not.

But they still see you creating.

They may even ask to learn how to do what you are doing.

Or perhaps they won't.

I never asked my grandmother how to sew. I learned the basics from home ec class. But she made many of my clothes growing up. I kept a couple of the dresses she made me, not because I'll ever wear them again, but because she made them. She still sews a little bit. But I can remember her sitting at her sewing machine or doing some hand sewing and being amazed at her skill.

And now, I'm not the most accomplished seamstress. I keep things simple, and sometimes my sewing machine and I have fights. I'm pretty sure that it's mostly user error, but I won't admit that in front of the sewing machine. But she heard that I wanted to make some simple items for my daughters, and she's sent me a bunch of fabric. She's inspired me to create.

My mom made clothes for kids for charity when I was older. I've always wanted to quilt like my aunt. My other grandma was always knitting when she wasn't doing a crossword (and I think of her when I do either).

So perhaps, part of creating with your kids is creating around your kids, for your kids, exposing them to other people (family members, neighbors, community members) who create.

Maybe that makes as much impact as any other act of creating with kids.

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