Coral and Gray Charging Station Valet

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Do you ever pass up a thrift store find because it’s broken? Maybe you should think outside the box! I picked up these two wooden boxes at a thrift store for a dollar each. It looks to me like they were inserts in an antique secretary or other piece of furniture that someone had added some bottoms and handles to. The handles were attached with nails that went all the way through to the inside of the box (DIY upcycle gone wrong, maybe?), and one of the boxes had a piece of wood missing—the wood had split where it was nailed.

I considered replacing the bottom piece of wood on broken box, but then I noticed how the base actually raised the box a little—and that slit would be  perfect to fit cords through. I have seen charging "valets" at Pottery Barn and other stores, but I wanted something with a little more character. And since I'm adding some more character--redoing my master bedroom on a budget--I thought that these little guys could add some character--and much needed corralling of our electronics on our nightstands!

First things first, though--remove the handles on the back whose fastening nails actually penetrated the inside of the box. I really didn't want to risk tetanus just to charge my iphone, after all.

I then removed the label hardware--which had been stained over!--and sanded the boxes.

In the meantime, I also cleaned the metal label hardware, and I realized that they were either copper or a pink brass. Score! This meant that they would look great with the coral color I was planning to use on them. I used a combination of white vinegar and salt to remove layer after layer of dirt and wood stain.

I then painted the wood with white paint to act as a primer. I was planning on sanding down the finished coats of paint to expose this coat--more on that later.

I then added 2 coats of my coral paint--the same color that I used for my Coral Doily Art. 

At this point, I was actually surprised that my husband actually liked this color--knowing full well that I was planning on putting these caddies in our room. This color is very close to pink, so I was actually quite amazed at this acceptance. However, I wanted to used the (now clean) label hardware that was now a peachy-pink metallic, and I felt that there wouldn't be a strong enough contrast between the coral and the metal, so it was time  to add another color. I chose gray spray paint--it matches my comforter. So I used some painters tape and some high quality masking material...also known as some old newspaper ads.

I then spray painted the exposed surfaces, and then added the now polished label hardware back on using the old nails.

I was planning on using some sanding to antique the finish a little, exposing the layers of the paint--and I still might, but I'm kind of digging the glossy sheen of the gray paint, so I stopped--sometimes, you have to know when to lay down the tools, right?

I also took some shots of one of the boxes in action...right on my nightstand. It's a difficult location to photograph, with the only natural light in the room coming into the window right behind the nightstands...but hey, what's bad for photography is good for sleep, right?

I absolutely love how these charging stations turned out.

Here's hoping they corral some of the mess!

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