Coral Doily Art with Mod Podge

9:25:00 PM

My bedroom has been a light blue since we've been married, with brown and gold accents. I've begun to think of the blue as a neutral, and although I don't want to repaint the room, I want to introduce some new color. One of the new colors that I'm introducing is coral, and I decided to start the process with this simple piece of art.

Here's what you need:

8 x 10 canvas
Coral Paint
Doily (I used a David Tutera Doily)
Matte Mod Podge

Paint your canvas. To get good coverage, you'll want to do 2-3 coats, alternating the direction of your brush strokes.

Then, flatten out your doily.

If you need some help in the flattening process, you can use spray adhesive to apply it to the canvas. Once you've arranged the doily the way you want, apply a generous amount of Mod Podge, making sure you get into all the crevasses. Make sure you cover all of the canvas, too, because the Mod Podge will change the sheen of the paint.

Allow to dry completely. Enjoy the new graphic art!

Stay tuned for more coral projects for my master bedroom! I'm super excited to share this room with you.

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