My "Ms Congeniality" Awards

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Do you wonder if bloggers really know each other? Or do we operate in a vacuum? Although it feels like I’m in my own little world when I’m working on a project sometimes, the blogging community is very real. Then the next question. Do we like each other? I know that unfortunately, there are many stories of bloggers cat-fighting and sharing the stories of those fights online through social media.

But there are so many more stories that are absolutely amazing…about people encouraging other people in new (and old) endeavors. I have been amazed at the wonderful people I have “met” online. Because I have not yet made it to a blog conference (soon, so very soon!), I haven't met any of these ladies. But not only do I read each and every one of these blogs (and more—but I wanted to write a post, not a book), but I have conversed on one level or another with each of these folks. Some are idols, where some I truly count as friends. These folks are all creative, but in different ways.

And like friends from “real” life, these people may hold to different beliefs, political views, and ways of life from me. They live all over the country, but they have one thing in common. They have helped me, reached out to me, or taught me something specific when it comes to blogging—not just by posting something amazing, but by answering questions and joining in a conversation with me. I encourage you to go and check them out! Think of this as Architecture of a Mom’s Congeniality Award!

(By the way, this list is in alphabetical order because I don’t rank awesomeness!)

C.R.A.F.T. (a.k.a. Creating Really Awesome Free Things) (Jamie)
handmade projects

Ginger Snap Crafts (Ginger)

Glued to my Crafts (Stacey)

The Grant Life and the Breakfast Hub (Kelley)

Live Laugh Rowe (Kelly)

Living Laughing and Loving (Renee)

My Favorite Finds (Carrie)
My Favorite Finds

 No Holding Back (Alexa)

Now these are not all my favorite bloggers—not by a long shot!! And none of them knew I was going to give them a shout out today. I just wanted to highlight some of the amazing folks that have not only inspired me but took the time to come alongside me in one way or another. And if you can’t make it over to their blogs right now, guess what? A couple of these lovely folks are going to visit you very soon right here as guest bloggers! You are so in for a treat!

Have a great weekend and enjoy some new bloggy friends!

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  1. I follow several of those blogs and they are great women. I haven't really made any "friends" in the blog world yet that I talk to but I talk about stuff they have posted all the time weather it's from their blog, fb, Instagram. I have a few online mommy friends from a group of moms I was a part of when I was pregnant 9 years ago and I still talk to some of those ladies daily and consider them some of my best friends. I have met most of them in real life but our friendships all start basically the same way.

  2. I know all to well how "mean" the blog world can be and it still shocks me. I'm glad there are still some honesty & nice people in the blog world. Thanks for finding me & walking the path along side with me. Hopefully one day we will meet in person!
    -Stacey @Gluedtomycrafts