Easy Duck Cupcakes

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My twins recently turned two. I really can’t believe that we’ve enjoyed 2 years with these spunky little girls! Over the past year, they’ve been fascinated with ducks, so I absolutely had to have a duck themed birthday for them! So this week, I am going with a duck theme, sharing how I made their birthday absolutely ducky! Today, I’m going to share the yummy birthday sweets that we had, and Wednesday evening, stop back by for an awesome overview of the decorations and spread that we had!

Instead of a cake, I decided that cupcakes were the way to go. We had 8 children under the 10 at the party (this was just my side of the family), and having portion control seemed like a great idea. I found this ideaon pinterest to make duck cupcakes, but I couldn’t find the original source. Bummer. There weren’t any instructions that I could find associated with the link. However, I tweaked the idea just a smidge and I thought I’d share with you exactly how I did it.

Here’s what you need:

Un-iced cupcakes, cooled. You can make these from scratch; I just used a box cake mix.
Icing. You can use canned vanilla or other white, cream or yellow icing. I made mine with this icing recipe, and it turned out a light yellow.
Colored sugar. You can find this in your grocery store by the sprinkles. It looks like the same stuff that coats Peeps.
Mini M&Ms
Peach Slice Candy—you can find this in convenience stores everywhere…and I found mine at the dollar store.

Use the icing to frost all the cupcakes in your desired method. Piping and spreading are both fine.

Take each cupcake and pour the colored sugar over each cupcake. You will want something underneath it to catch the extra sugar so that it can be reused. I made about 2 dozen cupcakes and only needed one container of sugar.

Match up colors of M&Ms for the eyes. Cut the peach slice candy in half.

Place the two halfs of peach slice candy on the cupcake, arranged so that it looks like a beak. Then arrange your M&Ms so they look like eyes. You want to press the candy into the icing slightly so that they stay.

And that’s it. Really, no special cake decorating needed…and no extra step to color the frosting needed! Perfect when you are hosting a birthday party in your house…and you need to finish the meal and clean the house!


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  2. What a cute idea! Love the colored sugar on them and the decorations. It was great to meet you at bbc. Hope you have a great week.

  3. How cute!! Definitely pinning these!! :)

  4. ...darn, can't pin it! Bookmarking for sure! ;)

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  6. What cute duck cupcakes! These are so adorable and creative. I would love for you to share these cupcakes on my Sweet Tooth Tuesdays blog link party.