Funnies from the Pea-nut Gallery

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Sometimes, the things that come out of my kids mouths crack me up. Especially since the twins have become even more verbal. Even when they are misbehaving, you have to laugh (and try to hide it!)

Favorite phrase to say (by both twins): “I did it!” Followed closely by “Hi Mommy, Hi Daddy, Hi Sissy.” Over and over in the car.

Mommy comes into their room after nap and the smell obviously indicates at least one dirty diaper.
Mommy: Ok, so who poopied in their diaper during nap?
Sweet Pea: Mommy did! Princess pea: {giggles}
(Guess what…they both did. And mommy did NOT.)

What does [this wild animal—any animal} say? Twins: “Roar!” Unless it is a duck, which is really called a quack-quack, anyway.

Sweet Pea at dinner: “Mama, more doo-doo, peas!” Translation: “Mama, more noodles, please!”

Have a wonderful Friday. I hope these funnies have made you giggle!

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