Friday Fun: Most Caring Child

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There are some things that you hear about at the end of a day in daycare that makes you want to cry.

Sometimes, those tears are frustration. But this week, the tears were of joy.

I had a note in Sweet Pea’s cubby one afternoon. I don’t know about you, but phone calls and notes home from school make my adrenaline spike…they usually aren’t good. But this one…was amazing.

That day, there was a little mishap with a microwave at the daycare, which led to a smoke detector going off…and a real fire alarm drill in the pouring rain. (I had already heard about the event from another parent before we reached daycare that afternoon.) Everyone went outside, but once outside Sweet Pea stopped and turned around and immediately started looking for her twin. She knew that this trip outside wasn’t routine, that something was wrong, and she needed to make sure Princess Pea was okay. Remember, my twins aren’t yet two. Sweet Pea kept calling for Princess Pea until she found her, wrapped up in a blanket with another teacher.

They smiled at each other, and then everything was fine.

The teacher gave Sweet Pea a “Most Caring Child” award. That was what was waiting in her cubby, with an attached note. Apparently, the teacher thought it was so sweet that it brought tears to her eyes.

I’m not going to lie to you…parenting twins is more difficult than singletons. My girls taunt each other, learn from each other’s misbehavior (in a bad way!), and feed on each other’s attitude. It’s also easier…one picks up a new (good) trick, and the other one is very soon to follow. They comfort each other, and play with each other (Right now, they are competing to learn all their colors!)

I’m not saying that a singleton child wouldn’t be concerned about another child in her class. But sisters and twins are something special…and I hope that they continue to look out for each other! 

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