Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Fix-it" Fox (A Boo-Boo Creature)

Sometimes, we think a little card on Valentine’s day is enough for everyone. But my little ones need a little bit of something to show that mommy loves them every day…your little ones probably do, too. And since my toddlers are just now leaving the “paper is something to eat or tear” phase, I wanted to create something for the little ones in my life that was a little more…durable. And honestly, I wanted something for them that would show my love year round.

Enter the “Fix-It Fox”. Remember my “Boo-Boo Bird”? This little guy is another animal friend to help your little one feel better when there is a boo-boo. I guess that means that I have a series of “Boo-Boo Critters”, right? If you’re not familiar with this concept, when little ones fall and have a little bump, instead of handing out band-aids or busting out a hard ice pack or bag of peas…you pull out a little animal from the freezer filled with rice. The cool pack helps the boo-boo, but so does the cuteness factor! This is really a year-round gift, but since this fox is red, well, he works really well for Valentines, too!!

I’m going to tell you right away, my sewing skills are pretty basic. This fox is actually simpler than the bird…fewer places to turn while sewing with the machine!! And if you want, you can sew on the contrasting fabric ears, tummy, and tail with your sewing machine before sewing the edge seam. Honestly, if you make sure that your heat-n-bond is applied correctly, you don’t need I just like using the contrasting hand sewn embroidery floss to give the animal a hand-made feel (and I feel like it makes the appliques just a little more secure than if I left it just ironed on!!

Here are the steps I used:

What you need:
2 contrasting colors of fabric, washed and pressed)--remnants are perfect!

2 large black buttons
1 small black button
thread (your choice if you want a contrasting color
1 pattern
Sewing supplies (needle, scissors, sewing machine, etc)

Cut out the pattern (please click here for the pattern) of the fox with a ¼ inch seam allowance for the body. For the ears, tail, and tummy, just cut out the shape as is. For the body, I folded the fabric so that I would not have to sew up the  base.

With the right side of the fabric facing in, sew around the body leaving about 1-2 inches to allow you to turn it right side out and fill it with rice.

Turn it right side out. A chopstick is perfect for getting the ears turned out. 

Press the fabric again, and lay out the pieces so you know where they go.

Apply the tummy, ears, and tail with heat-n-bond (follow package directions).

Fill with rice. You don’t want to over stuff this little guy, or he’ll be too hard. If it feels like a bean bag…mostly holding the shape, but just a little floppy…it is just about right!

Use a ladder stitch to stitch up the rest of the edge. Amy at Positively Splendid recently posted a fabulous tutorial on how to do this!!

Stitch on the button nose and eyes. Then, using a contrasting color embroidery floss (I used 2 out of the 6 strands), backstitch around the tummy, ears, and tail.

After you let your little one love on it a little, throw it in the freezer. Or, if you are giving it to a little one as a gift, you can safety pin a little poem to it. Here’s my (rather cheesy) attempt at a cute poem/instruction card:

I’m a special little critter
You don’t sleep with me in your bed
You keep me in the freezer
Until you have a boo-boo on your head.
Then you hold me on that boo-boo
It’s better than frozen peas
I promise I stop all the boo-hoos
Won’t you take me home please?

If you're interested, here is the pattern to make your own fox!



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