Do You Have Book Signing Tips?

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I  know that on Fridays, I usually talk about the kids and building family. But sometimes, you need a little break from the family to recharge. So next Tuesday (hopefully), I'll be doing just that.

Did you know that John and Sherry Petersik from Young House Love is coming to North Carolina to do a stop on their book tour? Eeek! I'm so excited.

And even better, my darling husband has agreed to pick up the kiddos and feed them and put them to bed so that I can go see them.

The only problem? I have never, ever been to a book signing. I don't know how to act, or what to do. (I mean, other than bring my copy of the book with me, of course.) My only experience with book signings comes from Hollywood, and I can't see scenes from The Following (creepy) or even Castle (funny, in a ruggedly handsome way) being much help.

So I am turning to you, my readers. Do you have any book signing attendee tips? I'd love to hear them!

Also, if John and Sherry didn't come to your neck of the woods, and you'd like me to ask them your burning question, let me know! I'd love to pass on some love and questions from folks who couldn't go see them.

Oh, and let me know if you're going to the book signing over at UNC Charlotte! Let's make it a party!

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  1. Haha I loved that you referenced Castle :) I've read a bunch of posts about other bloggers who met John and Sherry during their book signings. They all say to just be friendly and talk to them! They love talking back to everyone who comes to see them. And they say even if you see them around before or after the book signing, say "hi!" Also, I read that one blogger and her friends waited to be the last in line so they could get a bit more time to talk with them. And don't forget your camera!! They love pictures! And if you give them a pretty cool gift, or have a cool story to share, they just might blog about it :)

    1. So planning on taking pictures! I am just such an introvert, I almost didn't decide to go!! And I seriously can't think "book signing" without thinking of Castle!! So of course I had to write about it...Thanks for the tips!

  2. Rachel, that is so exciting! Hey, I was at Haven last June when they were the opening speakers. They are SO very nice and SO very down to earth...not snobby AT ALL. Of course, I didn't get up enough courage to go talk to them or have a photo made with them but lots of other folks did. I took notes while they were speaking and took photos also. I did a blog post about their talk. I don't know how they even knew about it 'cause I am such a little blog but they mentioned my blog post in one of their blog posts and I got about 7,000 hits in one day because of folks coming over from their blog to see my little ole' post. I'm glad that you are getting to meet them. Have fun!

    1. Thanks for the pointers, and the reminder to bring something to take notes...I hadn't thought of that. Thanks for your thoughts!!