Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Paper Christmas Trees

When I shared with you my Christmas Mantel, I shared that I had high hopes to fill these empty galvanized buckets.

And here I am, almost to Christmas, finally sharing those Christmas trees! This project doesn't take a super long time, but it does take focus, something I didn't have the week all my kids were sick...and then the following week while I fought off the same bug.

But here is my tutorial. I took a lovely paper tree template from Ninuska. I opened the file in photoshop. If you don't have photoshop, most other image editing programs that can change size and

I liked the look, but I wanted a tree that was taller and thinner. So I went to image size and unclicked constrain proportions. Then I kept the width and stretched out the height until I found a proportion I liked.

I printed out 4 copies and then found my handy x-acto blades. And every chance I had I cut out all the trees.

I thought about using my sewing machine to stitch it together, but instead I stitched it together by hand....instead of a whole line, I basically just tacked it top, bottom, and center.

And then I stood them up! That's it.

I love  this look! The only thing is, it does blow over when the heat cuts on....enjoy!


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