Friday Fun: Being Thankful

5:30:00 AM

Lil Bit prays every night before she goes to bed. We’ve tried to steer her toward being thankful for what she has been given rather than asking for something in her prayers. But she is four, so most of her thanks tend to be concrete. And since she lives in the here and now, those things she gives thanks for tends to be right now. You know, thanks for being able to go to my friend’s house. Thank you for my stuffed dog. That sort of thing. I sometimes press her for more, feeling that her prayers are too simplistic, even for a little girl.

But as we in the US get ready for the Thanksgiving holiday this week, I begin to wonder if I have it wrong. Perhaps I would be better off worrying less about thanking God for the big picture. Maybe I should worry less about the future, and live more in the here and now. I need to thank God for the little things, not just the big things….because if my life was different, then those little things would be very big. And I thank God for the little inconveniences in my life, because some people wish that they were inconvenienced with these same blessings.

I’m thankful for the little things…
for the hugs from my girls…because some people haven’t been blessed with children.
for the knitting in my lap….because I have the ability and means to share a handmade gift.
For the blog I write…because I have been blessed with the ability to read, to write, and to create, and the means to do so.

I’m thankful for the inconveniences…
for the mountains of laundry I do…because I have machines to do the hard part.
for the housework….because some don’t have homes to clean.
for the crazy commutes this week….because I have a job and a car to get there.
for the hospital bill we pay every month…because without the care we received, my twins would not be here.

I hope that you find at least one little thing and one inconvenience that you can give thanks for during this Thanksgiving week.

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