Week in My Life--Friday (and a little Thursday)

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Melissa over at Adventuroo and Momcomm has created this awesome challenge: A Week in My Life. I thought I’d give it a try. It’s not my usual fare for the blog—it’s so much easier to compose a recipe than to tell you about my life—but for all of the folks who wonder how I manage to work full time job, parent 3 little ones, be a wife, and blog…well, here’s your insight.

Well, according to my blog, there wasn't a Thursday...but that's ok. I don't think there was much to report,  other than continued sickness and when we picked up the girls from daycare the newsletter said that it was against the law to leave your children in childcare for more than a certain number of hours per day. My schedule at work dictates a longer Monday through Thursday, so I freaked out a little. I went looking for this law, and finally found the information this morning. It is not illegal; in fact the Department of Health and Human Services specifically states on their website that they do not limit the time. 

I brought my findings to the daycare and they did a little research of their own....and admitted that they were in the wrong! Yay! Lesson learned: unless an expert on the law (like say, a police officer or a lawyer) is telling you something is a law, you shouldn't take it at face value.

After work, I  had to run a few errands. I took advantage of early voting. Only about a 20 minute wait and I did it...and no, I don't advertise who I vote for, so don't ask. But if you live in the US, please remember to vote, whatever your political affiliation!

Then I picked Lil Bit up from daycare. We were a little early for her appointment to get the flu shot, so we took advantage of all the fall beauty around us!!

After the shot we picked up the twins. They were C-R-A-Z-Y, running around. Princess Pea was missing her daddy so she stood at the front window--the one she can barely see out of!--and started calling "Da! Daddy! Dada!" She wanted to know why we were home and he wasn't

Not to be outdone, every time I picked up my iPhone, Sweet Pea kept asking for "Dada". So sweet! All my girls love their Daddy!

And that's been my life the past couple of days! And now, back to nursing my cold....

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  1. Love your blog! I've never heard of a law like that either...weird that they would say that. What does it matter anyway, if the school is open they shouldn't care how long the kids are there. I used to work in an Early Childhood Center before having kids, and we were open 7-5:30. We had a few kids that had to be there the entire time because of the parent's work schedules.