Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Paper Roll Stamp Art

I have a confession to make.

It's absolutely awful. Especially for a craft blogger.

Terrible. Horrible.

Are you ready?


I don't really decorate for Halloween.


I just heard the collective gasp from all of you folks. I know, it's horrible. I decorate for fall and kind of let that carry through until Christmas. But honestly, we don't get many trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood, and my oldest is just now starting to get excited about Halloween. For her sake, I made the little Jar Candle Jack-o-Lantern a few weeks back. Lil Bit loved it!

So in an effort to get a little bit more of Halloween craftiness into the house, I decided that Lil Bit and I needed to an art project together.

I gathered a 8x10 canvas, some orange craft paint, foam brushes, some sharpies, letter stencil (optional) and some really big rolls left over from the large format printer we have in my (architecture) office (we use it to print building plans). I also had some paper plates and dressed Lil Bit in an old shirt of mine.

Lil Bit and I went outside (just in case of a major paint spill) and put some of the paint onto the paper plate. Then we took the end of the paper roll and "stamped" it into the paint--making sure we got good coverage, and then placed the end of the roll carefully on the canvas.

Then we repeated until we had filled the canvas.

 Lil Bit felt we needed to fill in the circles, but I wanted to leave them empty. We compromised, and since she was the one who wanted to fill the circles in, I let her handle the paint brush. I'm proud to say that I have a little budding artist...or maybe a budding craft blogger. :-)

After the paint dried (I would wait at least a day to be safe), I used a sharpie to add some "Boo" text and some pumpkin details. I want to try this project again, not filling in the circles and leaving the stamped look alone...but Lil Bit loves her artwork!


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