Friday Fun: Wearing Pink

1:47:00 PM

My girls wore pink today...all three of them.

Not necessarily an odd thing considering that I have 3 girls.

But when you consider that I am not the biggest fan of pink, perhaps you might wonder if this was an accident, especially since I am the one to pick out all their clothes. It wasn't an accident (although we have a LOT more pink in the house than I'd care to admit).

It was actually at the request of the daycare. They want everyone to wear pink every Friday for the month of October. The reason? It's the same reason you'll see NFL folks wearing pink all month...Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

And if you think this is a post about how cute my girls are in pink, think again...this post is about my mom.

She's a breast cancer survivor. And this month, (despite my normal color reservations) I'm proud to wear pink. I've actually walked in cancer walks where "Proud to Wear Pink" was our team name.

And for the first time, I felt that Lil Bit is old enough to understand why we wear pink. I don't want her to be ignorant of how proud I am that my mom fought this awful sickness, but there is also a limit on how much a 4 year old understands. So I told her that today, all her teachers would be wearing pink in honor of women like her grandmommy who had been sick with this special illness, so that we remember them.

And I left it at that. I don't want her to worry, or be upset. I just wanted her to know that pink is a special color this month.

So when you see pink, think of a person you know who has been impacted by breast cancer. Most of us have. Pray for them, their loved ones, and if you feel so inclined, donate to a cause that researches for a cure.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I have a dear friend and co-worker who is bravely battling this dreaded disease right now and I was rockin' the pink today myself!

    Continued good health to your Mom.

  2. I am proud to wear pink too! And I think it's great you are teaching your girls so young the importance of supporting this cause! Glad your mother is a survivor! My MIL is also a survivor! We just did the Walk for Life yesterday. AWESOME turnout!!