Friday Fun: I Love Yarn Day

5:30:00 AM

I love yarn. I love the feel, the colors, the excitement of beginning a project and the joy each project gives me, whether I am making clothing or décor items for around the house.

And do you know who else loves yarn? My three girls! My oldest, Lil Bit, wants to crochet so badly, as I shared in this post. Hopefully, she won’t get frustrated with that before her motor skills catches up with that desire. In the meantime, I have asked on her Christmas list for a relative or two to get her some yarn of her own and some plastic canvas shapes so that she can work on her motor skills while still working with yarn. And my sweet twins have discovered yarn, too. Of course, I think their desire to get into the yarn stash is because many of my skeins are in balls. Like most toddlers they have an obsession with balls…and with taking things apart, which is what they do with my yarn balls. So when I sit down to work on my project that I’m working on right now...

…you know, the circle blanket for Lil Bit, I typically get both Sweet Pea and Princess Pea at my side either begging for a “ball”--meaning my yarn—or for “bubbles” which is what they call the circles.

I love spending time with my girls, sharing my love of yarn with them.

Anyway, since today, October 12, is I Love Yarn Day, I thought I’d share some of the ways I’ve loved yarn over the last year:



(please forgive the photo quality, these were early in my blogging days)

Keep in mind you don’t have to knit or crochet to love yarn (although YouTube is a great resource to learn to knit or crochet if you want!). The pompom pumpkins and yarn wreath took very little expertise, and I love them!!

So how do you love yarn?

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  1. I'm an amateur knitter (to say the least) but I did make some legwarmers for my oldest this summer for ballet. I "inherited" a bunch of yarn balls - my three LOVE to unroll them much to my amusement (or annoyance depending on the day:) I think the fingerless gloves are really nice. -Lindsey

  2. I crocheted when I was younger, but never really got the hang of knitting. I tried to teach my girls on a road trip earlier this year, but that didn't go over so well, lol. I love the wreath! (Stopping by from Finer Things Friday!)