Friday Fun--Love/Bites

4:28:00 PM

In case you're wondering, Friday Fun is about the crazy day-to-day happenings that are part of my life--parenting, for the most part. And even though some days it's more "fun" than others, parenting is a true blessing, even when it is hard!

We had a pretty major incident at daycare--Lil Bit--the four year old!!--bit another little girl in her classroom. She bit because she didn't want the other little girl to sit next to her. Now, another child had bitten Lil Bit last week, and I wonder if this isn't just a behavior that is making the rounds, but really! Four years old is way to old for that.

We disciplined her, of course. Then we talked to her some more about that incident, but not in the framework of punishing. In a way, it's good that she's seen her little sisters get disciplined for the same behavior, because we could explain why the babies do it--they can't talk and therefore are finding ways to express themselves.

But Lil Bit can talk.

And she does it--a lot.

So we asked her what she'll do next time. And she understands! She understands that her classmate hurt, and that there were other ways to communicate frustration--like talking about it. I feel like she has made a breakthrough because she understands the other party's feelings, but also understands how she as a 4 year old is different from her sisters, as toddlers.

So although I'm not happy that Lil Bit bit a child, I feel that she has grown up a little bit through the process.

And I'm hoping that now I've shared this with you, I don't get another report of biting, proving me wrong....but hey, being shown to be wrong part of parenting, too, right?

Have a great weekend!

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