Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Paper Airplane Mobile

A while back, one of my readers commented that she wished in a comment on my Button Butterfly Art that I would post some decorating ideas/crafts for boys. This stumped me for a little while, since, well, I don’t have any boys. My poor husband is vastly outnumbered with me, our three girls, and three female cats! Ouch!

But then I had a little eureka moment—I have 5 nephews! Maybe I could incorporate something into one of their rooms. My brother did an awesome airplane mural in his son’s room—and I thought, ok, I can work off an airplane theme, right?


I knew what I wanted to do. A paper airplane mobile to hang over his changing table, in green and blue (the colors of his room). I had the materials. I even made the paper airplanes. I used the origami pattern found here for the airplanes.

Fast forward…well, a month.  I found the perfect framework for the mobile—metal embroidery hoops! One I found at a thrift store for $.50 I think. The other I found at a church attic sale for $.25. Score!

I took the cork off the embroidery hoop.

So now all I had to do was assemble the silly thing.

I used a needle to thread some thread into the paper airplanes. I made the thread longer than I thought I needed. And then I tied a bunch of knots. I wished I had progress photos...

...But I was tying a lot of knots.

But now, it's finally done!

I hope my little nephew loves looking up at it!


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