August 2012--Month in Review

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Wow is it really almost September already? We're celebrating this Labor Day weekend by going to a big parade and doing a bunch of stuff outside--like reclaiming the vegetable garden from the grass that is overcoming it! (I'm hoping to sneak in some time decorating my home for fall, too!)

Also on the docket for this month is the Democratic National Convention. No, I'm not attending it. But I am looking at a lot of traffic headaches since I work very near several of the venues where the President will be. I'm hoping that the amount of money that the convention will bring to my area will outweigh the inconveniences. But enough looking forward to September...the point of this post is to look back!

August brought another month of growth for the blog--woohoo! I also learned a lot about rejection. I submitted several posts to some craft/recipe online galleries. One image got accepted....and about 20 were rejected.

The lessons learned: improve my photography and develop some thick skin. I have been blessed that so far in the 6 months that I have been doing this blog, I haven't had any negative comments. I know it'll happen, so getting rejected by these galleries is practice. And it'll make getting accepted by these sites even sweeter...'cause I'm already trying to learn more about my camera. If you're interested in improving your photography skills, may I recommend Aimee's Photography Friday over at It's Overflowing...the link to the first post of the series is here. She keeps it real and basic--so check it out!

I also linked back up with twitter. I last tweeted like...oh, two years ago...maybe more. Check out the link in the sidebar if you'd like to link up.

Here are YOUR favorite posts of the month! Thanks so much for reading this blog!

Top craft posts of the month:


Top recipe posts for the month:

Tomato Jam

Thanks for growing Architecture of a Mom this month, and have a great long weekend, those of you in the U.S!

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  1. Hey Rachel! This is Melanie Novak (now Hughes) from COA days. If you haven't checked it out yet, I think Pioneer Woman has food photography tips and if not, links to other tutorials. Good luck with your blog!

  2. Hey Melanie! Thanks for stopping by! It's great when one of my "real-life" friends stop by. I love Pioneer Woman and her photos! I'll have to go hunt up her photo tutorials! Thanks!