Simple Stuffed Animal Collar Tutorial

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Are you ready for a super easy tutorial?

I promise, only basic sewing tools (and knowledge!) was used for this project.

Do you, or someone you know, have a stuffed animal that needs a little something extra? A little bling? Like this little guy...

What? You don't have a hot pink tiger? Don't worry, any stuffed animal will do.

Okay, got the animal in question? Here are the other tools you will need:

Satin Ribbon with some sort of pattern/decoration in it
Thread that coordinates with the decoration
A snap--you can buy this in any sewing notion section of a craft store. I even think that walmart has them
A lighter

Now take that stuffed animal and the ribbon, and measure your ribbon around the neck of the animal. Make sure that the decorative accent of the ribbon is on the top near the end, like this picture.

Trim the ribbon and use a lighter to melt the edges very slightly to keep the ribbon from raveling. Then take the top piece of the snap and sew it on. This is the trickiest part because you need to line up the "back" of your stitches...

...with the pattern on the "front" of the collar, like so...

...and then the top of the collar looks like this when done! You can't even see the stitches. If you don't have a  nice little pattern like this, you can cover the back side of the stitches with a button.

Now comes the easy part. Wrap the ribbon back around the neck of the stuffed animal--not too tightly, now! Line up where the other part of the snap needs to go, and sew it on. No need to be too neat with the back side of this one, since no one will see it.


That's it! Snap it on, and enjoy how happy your little one is!

Kudos to Lil Bit who gave me the idea for this project when she asked if "Tiggie" could have a necklace!

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  1. This is actually pretty creative. I kind of want to make a real collar for my baby kitten and was thinking I could use this as practice. Thanks for helping me out.I was able to stumble upon your blog through the Sundae Scoop Link Party and i'm glad I ended up here ;)

    Love and Whimsy Blog

  2. Usually I just tie a piece of ribbon on - yours is way better!