Friday Fun--A New Logo?

9:51:00 PM

I don't usually post about works in progress. I also don't post about projects in Friday Fun. However, the kids haven't done anything crazy that I can write about, and it's been pretty busy at work. 

So random question...Do you like my banner? It started out as the peek a hoo banner at the Cutest Blog on the Block If you want to check them out, click on one of the links above, or on the link at the sidebar. Keep in mind that banners don't link back automatically to their site like their banners if you use a banner from their site, be sure to create some kind of link to give credit where its due!!

Anyway I love the banner, but I've never really been happy with how my banner doesn't really connect to architecture, or motherhood, or even my themes of cooking, creativity and frugality.

Anyway, with an architecture degree I actually have some artistic background, so I started doing some sketches. I started with some architectural elements. I really liked my sketch of a Corinthian column, but I still needed some mommy factor...enter some little birdies....

Of course, I had to have 3 little birdies (in case you're new, I have three little ones)...what do you think? Of course, there will be some color. (I'm still working on that part!) But really, I'd love some opinions. Should I stick with what I've got? Or go with the column and birdies? Or go in a different direction altogether? If you say another have to help me brainstorm that direction...

You can vote for your favorite option in the sidebar. If you read this in email or RSS, I think you'll have to go to the actual blog. Thanks for your input!

And why is this Friday Fun? Cause I'm so thankful to be able to explore this--for free! :-)

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