Friday Fun: Blog News & Beauty and the Beast

5:30:00 AM

So the majority of my blogging experience has been with my family blogs, keeping out of town family in the loop. So with this crafting/frugality/cooking/family blog it is pretty exciting to be featured by some other bloggers as some of their favorite posts for the week through linky parties. I know that some of you view this as old hat, but I have been pretty excited over the last few weeks to be featured three times by three different bloggers! Wahoo! I even woke my husband up one evening while I was blogging and realized that I had been featured by another blog.

What has been so special to be featured at another blog? Well, first my Italian Bean Salad was featured here on Simply Gluten and Sugar Free.

Then my Terrarium was featured here on Positively Splendid.

And then, just a couple of days ago, my Roasted Garlic Lemon Carrots were featured here at Eat at Home as one of her favorite ways to use garlic!

I'm so excited to have been featured...can't you tell?

Anyway, earlier this week, my dear four year old was assigning princesses to each of us girls in the family. The twins were Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. "What princess are you, Mommy?"

"Belle, I replied." (Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairy tale.) "Which princess are you?"

"I'm Tangled."

"You mean Rapunzel."

"Yeah, 'Punzel."

Daddy: "Well, who am I?"

"You're the Beast, Daddy."

It was only a few minutes later that we realized her reasoning: if mommy was Belle, of course daddy was the Beast. Mommy and Daddy went together--like Beauty and the Beast. It wasn't a statement on daddy's appearance, or a snide remark. Oh, how refreshing is the logic of little ones! We had to laugh, though!

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