Friday Fun: Coffee, Aliens and Baby Birds, Oh My!

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Friday Fun
I’ve been wondering if I should call these posts “the things that they say,” but since only one of my three kids is really and truly talking, it wouldn’t be fair to the little ones.

We are still having some fun with my oldest telling people what she wants to do when she grows up: apparently, they were discussing it at school earlier this week. All the other kids were saying that they wanted to be a doctor or a teacher, but when it came my girl’s turn, she once again said, “I want to drink coffee!” Of course, the teachers thought it was hilarious, but now I’m worried that she’ll do it now for attention!

Of course, an even better comment came up on the way home from school. I had all three girls in the van and we were stuck in traffic. A police car went the other way with the siren going. My oldest piped up.

“Mommy, why are the aliens making that noise?”

Of course, I was a little bit confused. “What?”

“Mommy, why are the aliens making that noise?”

Once I managed to get my internal laughter under control, I answered, “Honey, that’s not aliens. It’s a police car. It has it’s siren on so it lets us know to get out of the way so the police officer can get to the people who need his help.”

It wasn’t until later that I realized that she was probably just mangling the word “ambulance” into “aliens.”…At least that’s where I think it came from. She does like watching Star Wars with her daddy…

I think that the biggest challenge in parenting, at least in these early years, is to keep from laughing! You know, I try not to laugh at my little ones when they say those crazy things in all seriousness! Or when they are misbehaving and thinking that they are pulling the wool over your eyes or so defiant that you have to pause a minute not because you are mad but because you don’t want to encourage the behavior with your laughter! Come on, I know I’m not the only one who thinks that!

And now, a fun story about the twins. When they were born 2 months early, they of course had to learn to eat. But now that they’ve figured out about real food, I feel like I have 2 teenagers in the house. They are so small, we try to feed them as much as they want, but Wednesday night they both ate more than either my husband or I did!

We call them our little baby birds, since that’s what they look like when I’m the only one feeding them. Little birds in a nest each trying to get the worm from the mama bird. I wanted to post a picture of them doing it, but they just wouldn't cooperate this morning. I'll update with a picture when they cooperate.

But what a blessing that they are growing and eating! Just a year ago they had tubes going down their throats. I'll take the baby bird routine!

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