Menu Planning Monday 2012-03-05

5:51:00 AM

On the whole, last week's menu didn't get followed much. I didn't feel well for much of the week, and when mama ain't happy, well, not much gets cooked. I made the crockpot barbecue, and I have to wonder why I've put off making this so long. It didn't look like much in the crockpot, but once the meat was out, shredded, and laced with the dip, well, it was heaven on a bun. Yum.

The pink pancakes were put off until Sunday since I was so sick for most of the week. They were ok, but the babies loved them

This week's menu:
Monday: fajitas using leftover steak from this weekend. Steak is what happens when mom is sick and dad takes over the meal planning!
Tuesday: Asian sausage & noodles
Wednesday: spaghetti
Thursday: tilapia & couscous
Friday: cheeseburgers

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